About the Artist

FAQ: What you may and may not do with my art.

Lately I have been having alot of problems with my work being altered and reposted without my permission. So here is a guideline of what I will tolerate and what I will not.

You MAY:

  • Save images to YOUR hard drive for screensavers, desktop images, personal collections on your computer, print out for personal enjoyment (the quality will suck though, just to warn you),etc.

  • Use my artwork for tattoos. The tattoo artist is NOT allowed to add my drawings to their flash portfolio. If you do get one done, I love to see photographs of the finished works.

  • If you commission a piece from me, you may use the image for side pictures, icons or other things of that nature. If you upload, please link back to here and make sure that my name remains in plain sight so people know who did the work. This is the ONLY exception to the below rules.


  • Repost images ANYWHERE, unless proper credit is given and the image has not been altered in any fashion, this INCLUDES the file name. Proper credit is defined as a link back to this website, and my name in plain sight.

  • Upload images to your photobucket account. I do not like their policies that they allow anyone to print, and this angers me as it takes away from the artist. Have respect for copyrights.

  • Change the file name

  • Change or make up a name for the character or the name of the piece in any drawing I create, or will create in the future. They already have names and stories, and many of them belong to other people already who get equally unhappy when it is done to them.

  • Crop, resize, paint over, remove the watermark and copyright information or alter my images in any fashion.

  • Use my avater SilverMoon NightWing, or any other drawing on this site for Roleplaying Game avatars, or characters. She already is MY character, with a story, and a history and it really pisses me off when I see her being played as a mount in an Eragon based RP world.

  • Crop or otherwise resize images for side pictures, user icons, signature pics or any other such purpose without getting written permission.

  • Do not claim to have created the image.

  • Reprint, reproduce, sell or use any of my artwork in a commercial fashion without prior written agreement. This means no printing t-shirts, bags, posters etc. If you want something like this, I have a store on cafepress. Or you can commission your own piece. Plus that, my file resolutions are much better.