About the Artist

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Here is a listing of sites that I frequent, and also sites of fellow artists who have given me advice and tips. After looking around here, why not give them a peek. Also, if you link to me, please let me know so I can link back to you. Most of the sites listed here are family friendly, sites with adult content will have a warning in the description. I make no guarantees that this will be the case, as I have no control over the content of websites outside of this domain.

Free auction records. Price database for art. Click here: art signatures & monograms

Artist Teresa Bernard Fine Art Seascape Oil Paintings - Original seascape oil paintings - also portraits, wildlife, still life, landscapes, and religious art. Free online art lessons. Also offering professional Web design and SEO for art centers and visual artists.

Art Gallery Worldwide : Artwork in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.

: One of the fastest growing directories of fantasy sites on the web, and also a bustling community for all fantasy lovers.

Dick Blick Art Materials : A fine selection of art materials ranging from painting to rendering to sculpture. Quality products at reasonable prices. This is where I order most of my materials from. I highly recommend them.

Kids Halloween Costume : Awesome site for all your costuming and Renfair needs.

Summer : Art by Hannah Spute(Ahkahna)

Feather Dust Studios : Art by Jennifer Miller(Nambroth)

Hyenapaws Studio : Art by Cara Mitten(Mercury)

Elfwood Fantasy Galleries

The Firebringer, Art by Indigo Sea

The Dragon Stone

The Gryphon Guild: (This site is down at the moment)

The Gryphon PagesA comprehensive guide to gryphons. Well written and maintained by Eclipse.

The SilverDragon: A store for all your Pagan/Witchcraft needs. Local dragons check it out.

The Draconity FAQ: Are you a dragon?