Articuno Form Physical Description:

Naturally, nothing on Articuno easily distiguishes her from others of her species, but she sometimes wears blue-coloured collars given to her by very close friends.
Ice-blue all over, her three crest feathers and tail are a slightly deeper shade and her outstretched wings reveal translucent areas. Red eyes and white chest feathers, dark lilac-blue coloured bill and legs. She stands 5"5 in height and her tail reaches a length of around 1.5 meters. Her talons are sharp and as white as her chest.

Gull Form Physical Description:

Articuno looks to be your regular Great Black Backed Gull but upon closer inspection, one might notice her back feathers are actually an unsaturated, navy-blue colour instead of the usual dark grey. Her eyes are large with pale blue orbital rings and deep, brown irises. Her bill is thick and powerful, sun-yellow coloured with a noticable red spot on the lower mandible. Her body feathers are white when clean, the primary feathers are as black as can be and boast pure white "mirrors", typical of most gull species.
Her pink legs are slightly more coloured than that of her fellow Great Black Backs, very thin with delicate little white talons on the tips of her webbed toes.
Her tail is white and square shaped, fanned during flight.


Best Trait: Extremely strong willed
Worst Trait: Selfishness
Articuno thinks, acts and looks like a gull..!
Loud, annoying to everyone, eats a lot and still light as a birdy, misunderstood, playful, lover of the water (especially oceans) and aquatic creatures, likely to steal your food if you're not looking or even if you are, extrovert, not worried about being herself infront of people, can be really filthy sometimes but at her best she looks angelic, heroic, hyper, (as seen in all four Articuno episodes/movie), goes out of way to help the good people even at her own cost, fights even when knowing she won't win, hides self from the world, only reveals self to those who really care for her, emotions that match her weather conditions, always from one extreme to the other, can be horribly cold towards those who know her at times but mostly loveable and affectionate. Her true beauty is only visible to those who are really interested in her personality. Otherwise overlooked, dismissed etc.
Articuno is mature in some aspects, but has a very child-like mind. For this reason she is able to communicate with and understand children much easier than most.
She is utterly shy and unsociable at first meeting, unless she has a close friend beside her. Once she feels comfortable with a person, she will become warm and affectionate.
Articuno is loyal to her friends and cares deeply for them, she always tries to guide them when they are in the wrong. Unfortunatly she tends to trust people far too easily and has been used in the past.
Articuno is working to change her downsides.

Articuno Loves To..

Watch and identify birds, other wildlife and aircraft, swim in the ocean, camp out, build hideouts/clubhouses, amuse people (even if she only ends up amusing herself), have sleepovers with friends, eat lots of food, make noise, watch movies, play games, chase people, be chased, watch waves, climb trees, catch bugs, be artistic, make and dress up in bird costumes, tickle people, be tickled, cook, collect feathers, have conker fights, have conker wars, playfight, hike, watch sunsets, see beautiful views, design websites, go for quiet walks, go star gazing, explore and go on adventures, shop on ebay, go on road trips, care for birds, drink banana milkshake until she turns yellow..

Articuno Dislikes..

Smoking, alcohol and excessive drinking, drugs, pollution, cruelty to ANY living creature, people who hate animals, people who start fights, shallow people, flamers, people who flirt even when they know you have a partner, crime, war, name calling, country music, boring songs, clothes shopping, lack of food in the house, rowdy children, overly religious people, discrimination, people who force their views on others, mosquitos, over cooked pasta, crowds, crowded cities, rude and inconsiderate people, slow computers, unbearably cold weather, unbearably hot weather, bullying, showers (I prefer baths), RSI, lack of compassion, inconsideration, backstabbing, liars..

Articuno Obsessions

Lugia, Articuno, 777s, birds, oceans, Goldeneye, Pokémon, Mexican food, banana milkshake, plushies, costuming/fancy dress, art.

Music Taste

I like a huge variety of music but my favourite band is called "A". I mostly listen to music that I can relate to in one way or another, for example, soundtracks to films or games I really enjoy.

Articuno's Beliefs

I was raised as a Catholic my whole life, my mum and sister are still very much faithful their religion, however I do not believe everything the bible says. I refuse to rule it out completely, as nobody can ever be totally sure on the past. I believe something happened back then but since it's been over two thousand years, the bible has been translated back and forth and there are far too many versions as well as different interpretations of each. Religion has done nothing for me but lead to arguments. I totally dislike how everyone believes their version of the bible is correct, I strongly believe in knowing your own morals rather than doing/not doing things because "God might punish me". I do believe in life on other planets (perhaps more intelligent life, but who knows?) and universes, perhaps even a greater being which is the cause of our exsistance. However, I don't know at all what it is, what we're really living for. Therefore I have found my own reasons to live, and they are to love and make this world a better place to be in, no matter how insignificant my efforts may seem. One of my mottos in life: "Love, fun and friendship are the most important things."
Having said that, there is one book I hold very close to my heart and I do almost treat it as a bible, in a sense that the book shows has shown me exactly how I want to be, a guideline almost. That book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and my favourite lines are as follows:-

"You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way."
This phrase holds a lot of meaning for me, my whole life people have treated me as an outcast because I was different, but I have never once given in or changed myself for them.

"You don't love hatred and evil, ofcourse. You have to practice and see the good in every one of them, and help them see it in themselves. That's what we me by love."
Something I wish to do, but am not able to yet. The day I can love my enemies is the day I will have overcome my limits.

"We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence, intelligence and skill. We can be free!"
Teaching and helping others out of their wrong doings or their self doubt, is something I am trying to do for those around me. A tough job.. but one I will gladly live through.

"Freedom is the very nature of his being, that whatever stands against that freedom must be set aside, be it ritual or superstition or limitation in any form."
Freedom? Yes.. the freedom to be yourself, to find a higher purpose in life, become the best at doing what you love. To make the most of our lives even if our goals are seen as abnormal by the rest of our flock, tribe, neighbourhood, or even our religion.

Funnily enough, I'd never heard of anyone that doesn't "believe" in evolution until the last 3 years or so, when my uncle and aunt said they believed only in the bible and how the world was created in seven days. Sadly, I ran into this more often with other people I knew, who actually laughed at the fact that I said I "believed" in evolution. I don't quite understand how people can say it's false, we have observed evolution at it's best in our pet dogs for example (I've studied this in college, please do not tell me I am wrong about it.). We have seen the many closely related animals living in differnet areas, and having differnet traits to suit their habitat. We also know that our climate changes, and animals MUST adapt to survive. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't force my opinions on others but this is most definatly NOT an opinion, it is fact and people should realise this. Who said you can't believe in evolution if you're a Christian? I once had a Catholic science teacher who told us he believed that God created the big bang...

Extra Articuno

In real life, I'm half Italian and half Peruvian though people NEVER guess my nationality correctly! Hehe, I get told that I look 13-16 very often, no one ever believes me when I tell them my real age! There are a bunch of photos and videos scattered around so you may already know what I look like. While online, I enjoy chatting to my site's community members and helping them out more than anything, I also enjoy working on my website, checking out all the lovely art/photographs on DeviantArt, having Skype conversations with close friends, drawing and designing with Photoshop and posting on various forums.
In the real world I enjoy all the above activities (see Articuno Loves To..) in my spare time. I currently work as a website designer, I also sell my artwork and take commissions. Soon I will be able to concentrate more on canvas painting which is something I really love to do ^v^ I'm also a cartoonist and hope to get hired one day to draw birds!
I recently discovered my passion for going out at night time for walks on the beach, quiet country lanes etc. I find it incredibly relaxing and prefer night to day, even though there aren't any birds around! A star filled sky makes it more enjoyable as I find anything space related very interesting.
Please keep in mind that I often change the wording of my profile!

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