The Bird That Symbolizes Me is the Great Black-backed Gull
The Great Black-backed Gull (Larus Marinus) is the largest species of gull in the world. It's massive size and heavy bill make it a strong hunter, it will feed on almost anything edible. Mostly confined to the sea but sometimes gathers with smaller gulls inland for scavenging.

Great Black-backed Gulls have dark grey backs, mine is an unsaturated, navy-blue colour.

Why the Great Black-backed Gull?
I've always been fascinated with gulls and anything to do with water, in particular the oceans, when I was very young I considered myself a Mallard. As I grew older I went through many different species. Around two years ago I settled with the Great Black-backed Gull due it's size, strength and majesty. Gulls in particular have been a favourite of mine because they are extremely misunderstood and dismissed by many. They are fantastic birds with a lot of character, I often go to watch gulls out at sea, very entertaining. My love for gulls is also associated with their size, I really love large birds.

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