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Website and Art Gallery Updates

Here is a list of updates that have been made to my website, in order of date. Most of the really old ones have been removed, other than substantial changes to the entire site.

Last Update: October 10, 2007

Art Gallery Updates

Art Gallery Updates

April 8th, 2009
WOW! Hard to believe it's been 3 full years since I've updated these galleries! Just goes to show how much time passes after having a baby!

I've finally added these new drawings from my book to the coloured pencil section:

April 14th, 2006
Added 2 new character illustrations:
April 1st, 2006
Added new Art Nouveau watercolor painting:
December 30th, 2005
Added 2 new watercolor paintings:

Photography Gallery Updates

April 1st, 2006
Added 3 new Scenery photographs:

December 30th, 2005
Added 4 new Urban photographs: October 30th, 2005
Added 5 new Flower photographs:
Website Updates

July, 2008
I have published my first book, Drawing Dragons! Updated the website store with information regarding my book. Also added some new links to my links page.

October 10, 2007
Corrected some broken image links and added some new websites to my links page.

August 13, 2007
Sorry to all my visitors who have been trying to use my contact form for the last 4 months to only find it broken. I finally fixed it today; I've been busy taking care of my new daugter so I haven't had time to fix it until now!

March 13th, 2007
Switched hosting to a Canadian company, to try and speed up loading times of website. Site was down for about 24hours; sorry for any inconvenience!

May 17th, 2006
Created contact form on Contacts page so users can contact me without having to use their email program.

May 16th, 2006
Uploaded complete new site design for, after nearly 3 months of work! Finally switched from old black and red color scheme to more neutral grays with yellow mouseovers. Incorporated thumbnails into Art Gallery and Photo Gallery as they had grown too large to have multiple full pictures on each page. Implemented Java mouse overs for thumbnails and menu sections.

March 17th, 2006
Switched to a new web hosting provider,

December 1st, 2005
Had to remove my personal photography gallery due to a subtantially large increase in site visitors over the past year. Will be replacing with a fine art photography gallery in the near future.

January 2004
Underwent name change from "The Great Canadian Dragon" to "Canadian Dragon Fantasy Art" to better reflect site content.

December 2003
Purchased and switched my site over from

November 2002
Switched from free Tripod hosting to their basic package due to bandwidth restriction and advertisement pop-up problems with Tripod.

January 2001
Switched website from to due to advertisement problems with Geocities.

April 2001
Completely re-designed "The Great Canadian Dragon" website, including a full art gallery section and personal photo gallery for friends and family.

January 1997
"The Great Canadian Dragon" was born as a one page, simple HTML site hosted on Geocities. It featured the story of "The Great Canadian Dragon" and offered proof that dragons really did live in Canada. You can read the Canadian Dragon Story here.

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