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Howling, the wind blows...

October 15th, 2010 (02:51 pm)

current mood: contemplative

This definitely has been a year of wind.  Early spring brought windstorms the likes of which I have never seen in almost 20 years of living in Salem.  Gust in excess of 90 mph bring down trees and power lines all across the north shore, shaking the house and rattling the windows.  This summer saw higher temps and more 90+ days in a single month than most years saw all summer, and still there was wind. 

Now that we are well into fall and half way through October, I sit here again listening to the wind howl and the house rattle.  Temps have changed from higher than normal to colder.  And while the air conditioners stayed in on longer than ever before, now we have had to turn the furnace on 2 weeks earlier than usual.  The wind is whipping the trees into a frenzy and piling gold and russet leaves against the fence line and the side of the house, not to mention making getting a bite from the bird feeders a bit of a challenge for the birds.

But the wind is also imparting a tremendous sense of energy to the air.  Walking outside into the wind... wrapped in a warm coat... is invigorating.  You definately gets the feeling that all you would need to do is open your wings and let the wind lift you into the air.  High over head the sea gulls are calling to one another as they play in the currents, lifting high and diving low in a joyous game of aerial tag.  Flocks of starlings wheel left and right as the wind dictates and the tiny sparrow chatter in raucous noise as they take shelter in the shrubs and bushes that surround the house.

Yes, so far this has been a year of wind.  And I have loved every minute of it.