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Preparing for the changing seasons...

October 20th, 2010 (01:47 pm)

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There are all kinds of things in nature that mark the changing seasons.  The gradual transition from the heat and activity of  summer into the cold and slumber of winter is marked by the brilliant colors of autumn, the decreasing strength and duration of the sun in the sky, the spectacular azure blue of the sky that only occurs in the fall, and the gathering of enormous flocks of birds as they begin their migrations to warmer latitudes all of these are season markers we all share. 

But there are personal ones as well that are just as important for our mental adjustments for the changing seasons.  Harvesting the last of the herbs from the garden, decorating the house for Halloween and Samhain, breaking out the heavy comforters and blankets and washing anything that needs refreshing after 6 months of storage, making the preliminary plans for Thanksgiving in November...

And putting the insulating window film up over the screen door to the kitchen.

"Huh?" you ask.  Yes.  It's a neat little trick I started doing a few years ago after noticing how well the spooky film door decoration blocked the cold New England air of late October.  With all of the older houses up here, a lot of people are familiar with putting insulating window film up on their inside windows.  Well, a little checking around Home Depot led me to an outdoor version intended for patio doors.  It's a bit thinker and more durable than the stuff that you put up inside and hold up well to New England winters.  And since my kitchen screen door does not have glass panels that allow you to close them up in bad pr cold weather, this is a great alternative to keeping the interior door closed all the time in the fall.

The thing is, in the fall the air temperature may be chilly, but the sun still retain enough strength to warm things up.  Plus, having the interior kitchen door open allows so much more light into the house.  So one of my personal "mental cues" for the changing seasons is when I put the window film up on the screen doors.  I make sure to use the "heat shrink" variety which uses the heat of a regular hair blow drier to make the film as taut and wrinkle free as possible.  For the most part you'd never even notice it was there.  While not as effective as a full glass storm door (which I hope to get in the next year or so), the difference it makes keeping the kitchen warmer even in the coldest season is amazing because it helps provide a barrier to the blustery winds of winter, keeping them from directly pounding on the interior kitchen door.  And when you have stretches of time where the HIGHS stay in the mid to high teens (Fahrenheit)  and the lows are into minus numbers every little bit helps.

Now I just have to wait until after Halloween to put it up on the front screen door... which lets me know it's time to start finalizing those Thanksgiving plans and looking for places to hide hubby's Solstice presents until it's time to put the tree up. Until then how about a few animated Halloween pics to help get everyone in the mood if you aren't already:

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Posted by: ravenwing9 ([info]ravenwing9)
Posted at: October 21st, 2010 10:41 am (UTC)

you give me so many great ideas! thanks for another one. could use this on my front door to lighten living room. Hope to get into holiday spirit soon. hopefully before it passes.....

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