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Holiday Insanity

November 28th, 2010 (09:37 am)

Holiday shopping madness is well under way at the local malls... my holiday shopping is well underway online.  It's amazing how many people think that going to the malls and fighting with other self indulgent twits is a "grand holiday tradition."  Watching the news about Friday's feeding frenzy was amusing to say the least.  People already talking about getting elbowed in the face, pushed, shoved, stepped on... whining about camping out in front of a store for 12 hours in freezing temps only to find the store already sold out of what ever it was they were looking for.

Target had 40" LDC TVs on sale for $250 off the regular price and, in an attempt to lessen problems, had the TVs pre-staged in carts for people to grab.  When they opened the doors, that's when the stampede began and the elbows started flying.  People who managed to grab a cart were parading them before the cameras like proud hunters showing off their first kill.  I've often wondered if anyone has ever done an anthropological study of the human holiday shopping mindset.  If anything it definately goes to show just how close so-called "modern man" still is to his "primitive" primate relatives fighting over a shiny.

At least it can be fun to watch... from a safe distance.  :)


Posted by: Галина ([info]nika_anikeeva)
Posted at: November 28th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)

You`re right ) very accurate observation. Sorry for my bad English. English not my native language.

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