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September 16th, 2011

Sometimes, when I see how dramatically fast radical branches of some religions are progressing and developping, I come to wonder if it has something to do with people being so despaired by the current international and local situations that they try finding refuge in what they're told to be so-called "stable" values.

To be honnest, the things mentioned here are really scary, and sound like sectarian practices since they work more or less the same. Namely, those people are waving scarecrows at others and try selling them sets of "values" (I really insist on the scare-quotes here) in order to fulfil I don't know which ultimate purpose. Maybe they're simply trying to extend their influence, so their power over ever-growing groups of people in need of some kinds of explanations for their own situations and misfortunes. I don't know.

And what is even scarier is that those faith swindlers are guaranteed to have quite some extensive audience to address to, especially because (as sad as it is) global education levels in developped countries are terribly plumetting. And we all know that the less people are educated, the easier it is to talk them into believing anything and accepting even the unacceptable :/

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