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September 24th, 2011

It is too easy to put all the blame on the people one hate, are afraid of, does not understand, or are jealous of. Sounds like that is pretty much what they are doing.

Also, from the posters some of them would carry around, like "God is your enemy", "God hates you", "You're going to hell", and so on, I think those Christians mistook the devil to be the god. I would not be surprised, seeing their general ability to misinterpret the world around them.

I do not follow much what goes on in the US, but if it is as you say, I am quite worried. :\ Extremism has grown rapidly throughout Europe as well and in Sweden an extremist party even made it into the government. They want to throw all non-Nordic people out of Sweden. An extremist party in Norway had over 20% (but somehow stayed out of the government because no party wanted to cooperate with them), but after the election just a week ago, they shrunk to less than half the size as a result of the terrorist attack caused by a right extremist. It had opposite effect as the terrorist had anticipated.

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