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And they just get stranger and stranger...

September 23rd, 2011 (01:05 pm)

| Thu Sep. 22, 2011 7:20 AM PDT

Does this tornado look gay?

Earlier this week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his leadership team for the "Presidency 5" straw poll in Florida, scheduled for October. Although most of the other major candidates have decided to skip the event, Perry is hoping a strong showing there will give him a boost ahead of the state's important early primary. So what's his strategy for voter outreach? It looks a lot like The Response, the prayer and fasting festival he organized in August at a football stadium in Houston.

Take, for instance, his new co-chair: Pam Olsen, founder of the Tallahassee House of Prayer (dubbed the "prayer lady" in her home state for
reasons that should be self-evident) and a leading anti-abortion activist in the state. As Right Wing Watch notes,though, Olsen also believes that gay marriage, and its increasing acceptance among American Christians, is causing destructive natural disasters across the country. Here's what she said back in July:

God is shaking. If anybody looks at the news and has just seen what's been happening recently with the floods, the fires, the tornadoes, God is shaking. Yeah I think you have God shaking, sure you have the Enemy shaking, you have both and I don't want to say oh that's the judgment of God or that's the Enemy. But the reality is God is judging us, and I think it's going to get worse.

It's somewhat unclear why Texas, whose governor supports criminalizing gay sex,would be punished with raging wildfires for having too high a tolerance for gay rights. But Olsen's view is wholly consistent with Perry's other allies on the religious right. The Response, you'll recall, featured a number of controversial pastors who believed that, among other things, 9/11 was God's way of punishing America for tolerating homosexuality and the blackbirds that died suddenly in Arkansas last winter were a harbinger of the End Times.

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Posted by: EbonDragon News ([info]ebondragon)
Posted at: September 24th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
moon rise

I heard about that. You have to seriously wonder what god they are worshiping, because it sure doesn't sound like the Christ I remember learning about as a kid.

The real troubling thing is the number of people who still think these kinds of nut jobs could never come to power in the US. I really hate to say it, but I'm not so sure... not after 8 years of G.W. Bush and how tightly the religious Right was able to embed itself into our government while he was playing at being "war president."

We should never become so complacent, in this or any country, as to think these kinds of nut bags could never come into power. It wouldn't take much to have a new era of political and religious "witch hunts."

I know people cringe anytime someone makes comparisons to the rise of Nazi Germany, the the thing is, it actually fits right now. Blame the immigrants, blame the gays, blame the Jews (yes, there are those in some Tea Party groups who blame Jews for the current economic crisis, because "everyone knows they control the banks"), blame the Muslims, blame the Pagans, blame the liberals, blame the unions, and on and on and on. If you listen to what the Tea Party Republicans are droning on about and compare it to the early Nazi rhetoric of the early 1930's and it sounds eerily familiar.

Like the old saying goes "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance" and that is something many Americans have slacked off on the last 10 years

Posted by: Etath SkyDragoness ([info]etath)
Posted at: September 24th, 2011 11:36 pm (UTC)

It is too easy to put all the blame on the people one hate, are afraid of, does not understand, or are jealous of. Sounds like that is pretty much what they are doing.

Also, from the posters some of them would carry around, like "God is your enemy", "God hates you", "You're going to hell", and so on, I think those Christians mistook the devil to be the god. I would not be surprised, seeing their general ability to misinterpret the world around them.

I do not follow much what goes on in the US, but if it is as you say, I am quite worried. :\ Extremism has grown rapidly throughout Europe as well and in Sweden an extremist party even made it into the government. They want to throw all non-Nordic people out of Sweden. An extremist party in Norway had over 20% (but somehow stayed out of the government because no party wanted to cooperate with them), but after the election just a week ago, they shrunk to less than half the size as a result of the terrorist attack caused by a right extremist. It had opposite effect as the terrorist had anticipated.

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