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Bah... humbug! Already!

November 14th, 2011 (02:27 am)

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Is it really too much to ask that stores, malls and advertisers wait until AFTER Thanksgiving is over to start will all of the Christmas shit?  Want to know why so many people "hate Christmas?"  Because the annoying commercials,irritating music, and snide innuendos that if you "really love _____, you'll sell a kidney to get the money to by THIS!!!" starts before Halloween!!!  I mean. seriously... what 7th grader actually needs a $400 iphone?  Or does your spouse really need that $50,000 Merc or do they just need a safe, reliable means of transportation?  By the time Christmas gets here is it any surprise people are just fucking sick of it?


Besides... it's not like anyone actually gives a shit anymore about what this time of year is supposed to mean.  It's nothing more than a gross consumer orgy and a time for over indulged yard apes to whine about how they will "just die" if they don't have the latest and greatest, cutting edge, overly expensive (ultimately useless) bullshit displayed at the mall.

Why should they care if mom and dad have been laid off for a year, the electric bill is 2 months past due, and one parent or the other has secretly harbored thoughts of having a fatal "accident" so their life insurance can save the family home from foreclosure?  As long as they aren't the only spoiled brat not to have the latest X-box, or play station it's all good, right?

So yeah... here I sit, a mere 10 days before Thanksgiving and I ready I say "fuck Santa and the reindeer he rode in on"  And on that note, let me leave you with one of my favorite holiday songs


Posted by: EbonDragon News ([info]ebondragon)
Posted at: November 16th, 2011 02:16 pm (UTC)
moon rise

Yeah, I can see hardware stores and craft supply stores putting Xmas decorations out early. People who are *seriously* into decorating need to get replacement lights and things like that so they can have all their decorations ready to go. And people who are into crafting gifts and decorations need to get their supplies as early as they can. But for malls and such to start pushing the holiday feeding frenzy and blaring the same tired old canned music so early is disgusting. I can only listen to "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" so many times before I start having to fight the urge to start "rocking" the christmas tree with real rocks!

Now don't get me wrong... buying holiday gifts for friends and family early is always a good idea. I start looking for ideas in July. Buy a couple things here, couple things there and I can have most of my holiday shopping done and easily paid for. Even winter clothes come out in October! Anything too big to easily hide get purchased after the tree goes up so it can be immediately wrapped and stashed. And the sales now are not any better than the normal round of sales stores have all the time.

But people have been conditioned with this Pavlovian response to begin an orgy of blind spending, convinced that (expensive) presents = love. Is it any wonder that as soon as the holiday shopping season starts the level of domestic violence and number of suicides begins to rise?

Thanksgiving is really the only holiday any more that is truly and solely about gathering with friends and family, offering thoughts and prayers to the divine for all the blessings we have received in the past year. No wonder it's being more and more marginalized. A quaint, but no longer relevant tradition and sentiment.

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