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December 12th, 2011

Not everyone who says they are a "Christian" necessarily is or acts like one. The GOP (also known as the 'Grand Old Party') is not a christian denomination or church of God. It is a political party that is part of the government (based on /404.html?r= ). That being the case it changes with the government according to current government policies. Basically the GOP is lying if they are telling people that they are the "good christians" compared to anyone else.

To their comment about God turning his back on the nation because it is tolerant of various religions, different faiths, etc. I don't see this. Especially since the Bible clearly states in more verses than I care to quote that we should "Seek and save the lost." where the lost are people of other faiths, religions, opinions, etc. So my question to them would be this: How can we reach out and save the lost if we do not allow the lost to be around us?

As far as this being a christian nation back when people like George Washington and Christopher Columbus were around this was a christian nation founded so that people who were christians would be free to believe and practice their own faith without fear of persecution.

The Boston Tea Party was a direct result of corruption by a government overseas who refused to allow the colonists, who ultimately founded the USA, the freedoms they wanted. So basically the original Tea Party was in protest to the overwhelming oppression the colonists were facing against a government that basically ignored and oppressed them.

They all should be trying to help those in need during these tough times instead of prolonging the current recession or making things more difficult. Though I don't believe the problem is entirely in the USA but may also be partly coming from overseas which our and other nations industries are directly connected too. The only way I see to fix the current crisis is for all the nations to meet and come to some sort of agreement on things like importing and exporting of merchandise, how to stabalize the economies, and what changes need to be made to ensure another crisis doesn't happen. One nation that went a long time throughout this global recession without being impacted by it is Canada. Which tells me they were doing something right. There may be others out there but that's the main one I've heard about.

Greylight S.

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