More information about the artist, her art, and her life.

My online name is Ylla.
My real name is Maria Korchagin.
I am Russian by birth and citizenship.
I moved to America when I was 12.
I can speak both English and Russian fluently, Spanish moderately, and Japanese passably.
I am a graduate of the University of Chicago with a BA in Physics.
I am an Objectivist.
I work for Google.
I have too many stuffed animals.
I like my room warm.

I started drawing in the Summer of 1997.
Media I love working with:
Watercolor - Acrylic
Graphite - Ink - Color Pencils - Tria and Copic Markers
Soft Pastels - Conte Crayons
Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator

My art is for sale at the Store.

This webpage was created in Adobe Photoshop by me, Maria Korchagin.
The page and ALL of its contents belong to me.
Please do not take any images before asking permission.

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