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Original Artwork : Sold
Tria Markers.
Size : 11 x 14 inches.
© Maria Korchagin 2006.

- Night Artist. -

My MGC submission for September. The topic is "Gargoyles Hit The Workforce".

I wondered what kind of a profession a gargoyle can realistically go into, and realized that an internet artist is the perfect job for a girl who's up to the task. She can work at night, and she can hide her identity behind an internet nickname. She can't go to conventions, but she can send art to them. She can even get her supplies without ever stepping inside an art store. The job requires minimal face-to-face interaction with humans, and can support itself if she's good enough. What more could a creative girl like her ask for? :)

Oh, and given that I'm on a character kick lately, this is Paloma. She was a character I came up with sometime... oh, a long time ago. The only thing I have left over from that design is a sketch or two. She's got majorly redesigned in this piece and now has two more wings, neater colors, cool hair, and she just overall kicks butt now. Yeah, I like her. :)

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