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Original Artwork : Sold
Size : 11 by 15 inches.
© Maria Korchagin 2006.

- Haida Eagle Dancer. -

I love entering contests. They always make me do something I would not normally do, thus pushing me to try new things and expanding my horizons. Unfortunately, I haven't participated in a contest in a number of years now. I remembered how much I loved MGC a few weeks ago, and decided to participate in this month's contest.

The theme for the contest is "Native Cultures". The Haida are a Native American tribe that live along the Western Coast of the United States between Oregon and Alaska. We share a common idea that eagles are awesome. :)

Thank you to everybody who voted! I won both the Artistic and the Creativity contests!
I'm not sure if I get a special banner for it, but for now I'm just keeping these little graphics that are on the MGC page :)

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