I'm not a professional artist. However, I am proud of the art I make, and every time my art is purchased, I feel happy knowing that someone enjoys my work enough to want to keep it. And every time I put a purchased drawing into an envelope and send it off, I feel happy because I am sharing a piece of my soul with someone who appreciates it. And that is the greatest gift an artist can receive -- knowledge that, instead of sitting in a box in my room, the art I produced is making someone else happy now.

There are two types of prints offered in this store.

Firstly, there is a selection of prints on canvas-textured paper. These are 8.5x11, full-color, semi-glossy prints, and the texture gives a lovely effect. The watercolor pieces look particularly fabulous on this paper. As much as I love this effect, no more of these canvas-textured prints will be made.

And secondly, we have 8x10 inch Lustre prints of select artwork. These beautiful reproductions of my original paintings have gorgeous color, and a lovely texture that brings out every detail. (More of this type coming soon. If you'd like to request a print to be made available, please contact me.)

All artwork and all other contents © Maria Korchagin 1997-2009. Do not copy, alter or distribute without permission.